A New Path Ventured

I start a new job tomorrow. June 1st. I mentioned this in my previous post. I’ve been gearing up for the moment since the job was offered to me beginning of May and now it’s official. I’m back to working class. That’s ok. I needed to make money. I tried finding writing gigs but without previous experience it was challenging. I’m still looking for writing gigs while working full-time and working on my novel. I’ve been submitting to publications for flash fiction and short story bits I’ve written. Gotta start somewhere right? I’m ready to organize my time wisely with writing in the evenings. I’ll make it work. I’m almost to the finish line.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Glacier Gorge Trailhead

I’m making the effort to log a new post in here parallel to writing. I failed to organize my home life before new job. What can I say, shit happens. So with that said. I’ll have to buckle down the rest of this week, forcing myself to make it happen. The good side to the new job is I work from home two days a week after training for four days in the office. That’s a goal within itself. The faster I learn this job, the easier it will be for me to log off at home, make dinner (break time) then get to the keys on writing. I’m keeping an open and optimistic approach and I still have writing group that keeps me grounded.

I started Chapter 25 to my novel. Here’s a brief synopsis on the story. The title I don’t feel comfortable sharing, just yet, but there is a hint of it in the summary.

My first novel focuses on a young mother named Rachel, struggling with her teenage son’s destructive behavior until one fateful night, he commits a violent act that costs his freedom. Rachel reflects on her painful childhood, trying to piece together where she failed in preventing the vicious cycle of inherited family disease and traumas. Can she overcome her weight of guilt and insecurities, persevering in the end?

This story is about the choices we think benefits our loved ones, but do these decisions really help or hinder the person we love struggling in life?

How can we break the pattern of detrimental family traits passed down generationally? How can we overcome the familiar reactions of our past and act on what we know is the right thing to do in our heart, even though it’s a painful process.

In the end how does this change our psyche, or in this case, how does it change Rachel’s?

Happy ending to May and beginning to June, beginning to new chapters in life, beginning of the unknown and beginning to hope. May we all reach our Avalon!

Mule Deer in Black Canyon National Park, Montrose, Colorado