From the Earth

Fit for Life/Gaiam Lobby – Louisville, CO

When I walk into the offices of Fit for Life formerly Gaiam, I’m greeted by the magnanimous Gaia. The goddess, who in Greek mythology personified earth and produced many offspring including the Titans and Cyclopes. I catch my breath, approaching the prolific and profound mural, containing my excitement to see what’s behind the glass door as my new manager escorts me to my new work home.

I’m guided through typical cubicle setups and the usual meet and greet with fellow co-workers and cohorts, BUT the difference from past jobs I’ve worked, was the ambiance and natural earthly feel to the environment. The abundance of plants displayed throughout the office, enveloped me through an enchanted forest with cubicles and product tables dispersed within and it was nice to see a quaint and cozy area for relaxing near my work station with a huge window nearby and luminous natural lighting filtering through. I think I hit the jackpot of “the job that helps pay the bills while you pursue your dream on the side.” Yep, I felt warm and fuzzy immediately. Good sign so far, knock on wood, or fake compressed, wood depending on what you’re working on these days.

New Office Home Space

I contain the joy I feel in my heart when I follow my manager, “J” (I’m using first letter initials to protect the privacy of people in my life) through hallways of storage rooms and a showroom of product. So many yoga mats in a rainbow of shapes and sizes along with blocks and straps are stacked in shelving units. The company has designated a “freebie” table, for employees to nab whatever item(s) are available on a first come first serve basis. The café, where they prepare fresh organic, healthy options from the menu and use produce grown from the private garden in the back is spacious and inviting.

Private Garden of Fit for Life/Gaiam/Gaia

The tour behind the building near the private garden was the part, where I knew, I made the right decision to accept this job offer. A gorgeous meditative path with a newly installed water feature encapsulated the beauty and tranquility of the grounds. I was deeply mesmerized by the beauty of this enriching area, catered to the employees for some peace away from the grind. I knew these harmonious effects would inspire happy productivity in my life. I was not disappointed.

Meditative Path
Medicine Wheel adjacent to the private garden

I was so enraptured by the beautiful mural walking into the lobby that the huge amethyst geode situated to the left escaped my view; it caught my eye when I left the building, end of my first day. I realized then, how completely “zen” the entire office felt, absorbing the relief of stress and strain, soothing irritability, balancing mood swings, dispeling anger, rage, fear and anxiety. My heart found it’s new work home comforting and at peace within my soul. I am grateful for a good first week and look forward to the horizon ahead.

Amethyst Geode in the lobby

And with that said…on to writing news.

Finding balance at home after my first working week has been challenging. I logged on last night with my writing group (we meet weekly on Monday evenings) feeling apprehensive. You see, I didn’t get a chance to read, in it’s entirety, the submission for last night’s feedback. This is unacceptable to my standards. I take the time to thoroughly read, not once or twice, but at least three times; fully absorbing a piece to provide that critical feedback needed, as a reader and writer. I must organize my time wisely. I knew this was the challenge I’d be facing once I partook an office job again. I am one of the submitters for the following week, so I need to buckle down.

Chapter 22 will be submitted from my upcoming novel of heartbreaking love; a mother struggling to accept the repercussions of her son’s detrimental mistake he committed at 17 years old. This chapter has already been written, so the goal this week is review, edit, revise and polish before submitting the final piece for group to critique. I alternate each chapter between present and past, informing the group which segment is next. This will be a past chapter. The protagonist, Rachel, will endure consequential transgressions during her senior year at an alternative high school and that’s all the intel, you get. I can’t give away too much, that would ruin the future of marketability and sales after the novel has been published, to a public, who’s already read it through my blog. I’d still like to update and share minor tidbits, since it’s currently 25 chapters complete. I’m not sharing previous chapters anyway and I’d rather not disclose those details. I’m determined and equipped to establish equanimity, cohesively aligned with my personal goals. I’ve worked too hard the past 3 1/2 years to give that up because I had to find employment in order to “live.”

I will manifest, it will happen. Don’t give up on your dreams. Find ways to coordinate and manage your time. When the passion ignites the fire that fuels your dream, the time will surface to make it work. Don’t give up! You can do this!

A side note: I was awarded the Fantastic Badge from ViewBug, where I’m a Pro member among fellow peer photographers, showcasing our representation of personal art. Check it out and follow for updates.

Hope you are well and taking care of YOU. Make it what you want. Make it count, make it last, make it happen. Namaste….